Shakeout separation of castings and sand after ejection


separation of castings and sand after ejection

Also known as conveying shakeouts, are used to separate casting and sand after ejection from an automatic molding systems. The shakeouts are designed to fit the molding system. Mold cycle time, mold size and densification are the decisive factors. The perforation of the gratings is designed according to the casting program, whereby longitudinal openings optimize the sand removal and trapezoidal, conical openings the lumb crushing.
At the highest demands on the separation effect and the protection of the castings, shakeouts with vibration angle adjustment are used. With these, the intensity of the sand separation as well as the conveying speed can be optimally matched to the casting. For the most demanding application, we recommend a combination of pre-shakeout and downstream shakeout with vibration angle adjustment.
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Core Features

  • Robust, foundry compatible construction
  • Long service life of manganese steel grid plates
  • Low clogging through sloping openings
  • Gentle shake-out with vibration angle adjustment
Application:Separation of castings and sand
Drive:unbalanced motor, unbalanced exciters, unbalanced shafts
Frequency:1000 - 1500 rpm
shakeout capacity:up to 350 t/h
Length:up to 7.800mm
Width:up to 1.800mm
  • Frequency-controlled drive
  • Vibration angle adjustment with vibration controller
  • Design of grid perforation on casting program

Unbalance Cell UZ

The unbalance cells are installed in Küttner vibrating equipment for vibration generation. They are used as drives for, e.g.shakeout units and shakeout grids.

Vibrating Conveyor - Casting Cooler - Shake-out conveyor

green sand molding line - Casting cooler, shake-out conveyor and return sand conveyor for M.Busch foundry

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Shakeout units

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