Lumb crusher comminution of resin-bonded lumbs

Lumb crusher

comminution of resin-bonded lumbs

In the foundry also known as lumb grinder, lump breaker or sand attrition. The vibratory lumb crusher is used for the comminution of resin-bonded lumbs and core break pieces. The drive is driven by two vibration motors. The sand lumbs are crushed by mutual agglomeration. The sand is removed from the trough via the easily exchangeable, perforated chilled-iron plates to the sandbed floor below.
The vibratory lumb crusher is usually used in sand reclamation plants after the shake-out, but also conceivable as stand-alone solutions.
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Core Features

  • Robust, foundry compatible construction
  • Compact design
  • High durability of the perforated chilled-iron plates
  • Easy interchangeability of perforated plates
  • Automatic emptying
  • Grinding and screening
  • Separating of chills
  • Blocking-free screening by conical round holes
TypAntriebLeistung 1Leistung 2GewichtElektrische LeistungAbluftL1L2B1B2B3H1
KB500569002x 1,6120025705005108105001760
KB1000101214002x 2,8180025705001010145010001810
KB1500151821002x 4,0250029209001510181015001870
KB2000202434002x 7,0300028708002010245020001920
  • Pneumatically operated drain flap for automatic emptying cycle
  • Screen module for comminution of the sand to the desired grain size

Unbalanced motors LM

for vibrating equipment