Shakeout units with adjustable vibration amplitude

In summer 2016, the new molding plant in Foundry 3Plus was put into operation. Küttner Vibrating Equipment supplied 2 shakeouts with an adjustable vibration amplitude. The preshakeout unit was equipped with a blind floor in the push out area. The molds, which are ejected in the direction of the material flow, are knocked-out and the sand is distributed over the conveying width. The further course of the pre- and main shakeout unit is equipped with finger-grid perforation on the conveyor floor for the optimal casting / sand separation.
The associated software is able to individually adjust the vibration amplitude, and the duration of the amplitude adjustment, depending on the products being ejected; optimizing  the separation. Each shakeout is driven by 2 motors and excitation cells. The use of frequency control allows the reduction of transmitted body sound.

Shakeout units

Shakeout separation of castings and sand after ejection
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